Island 🏝️ Poga Verum Rs.799 Dhana🤯 | #thatmadrasguys #shorts


Minimum 8 people

List of Packages

(5.30am to 8.30am)
( to 2pm)
(4pm to 7pm)
( 8pm to 7.15am)

(5.30am to 8.30am)
Minimum 8 plus adults *Rs.799* per person
Departure at Hotel by 5.30am
Arrival at dock by 5.45am
Boarding boat by 5.55am
Welcome drink on boat by 6.10am
Sunrise view by 6.15am
The island 6.40am
Island tour and beech walk until 7.15am
Herbal tea by 7.30 am
Boarding boat by 7.45am
Arrival at dock by 8.30am

( to 2pm)
8 plus adult member package *Rs.1599* /-
Children from 5 to to12 years or 110 to 150 cmRs.999/-
(Welcome drink,water bottle,white rice,fish curry,fish fry,prawn thokku.)

Departure at Hotel by 11am
Arrival at dock by 11.15am
Boarding boat by 11.25am
Welcome drink on boat by 11.45am
The island 12.10pm
Island tour and beech walk until 12.30pm
lunch WITH LIVE FISH FRY at 12.45pm
Boarding boat by 1.15pm
Arrival at dock by 2pm

*#..SUNSET CRUISE* (4pm to 7pm)
Departure at Hotel by 4pm
Arrival at dock by 4.15pm
Boarding boat by 4.25pm
Welcome drink on boat by 5pm
The island 5.10pm
Island tour and beech walk until 5.45pm
Herbal tea at 6pm
Boarding boat by 6.15pm
Sunset view by 6.40pm
Arrival at dock by 7pm

#..ISLAND STAY ( 8pm to 8am)

FOR 8 plus adult package *Rs.1999/-*
Departure at Hotel by 8pm
Arrival at dock by 8.15pm
Boarding boat by 8.25pm
Welcome drink on boat by 8.45pm
Star watching
The island 9.10pm
Island tour and beech walk until 9.30pm
Dinner WITH LIVE BARBEQUE at 9.45pm
Camp fire
Night stay at camping tent
Sunrise view at 6am
Herbal tea at 6.15am
Boarding boat by 6.30am
Arrival at dock by 7.15am.