Solo Rain Camping, I found New campsite, made coffee & bonfire (Rain ASMR)


SOLO CAMPING in heavy rain, coffee & bonfire in pine forest (Rain ASMR)

00:00 Wet forest
00:35 Pitch long tent
03:50 Wonderful campsite
06:12 Tent’s ready
09:15 HOw to repeal mosquitoes
11:15 Rain break
11:48 Brewing time
12:40 WOw, rain again!
14:29 Manage the stuffs
17:07 Still rain
20:16 INTRUDER! ! !
21:18 Rain getting Heavier
25:50 Before dusk
28:10 Prepare for the night
29:51 DUSK
31:16 Burnt!!!
32:36 Coffee & bonfirel

Hello my friend!
I relaxed when I went camping several months ago. I went to a field in the middle of pine forest.

I went camping in the rainy season, so it has a lot of rain. I made coffee and bonfire for my relaxing camping.

#raincamping #campingintherain #solocamping